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Allow Me to Introduce Myself.

We are about to be best friends.

Welcome! I am so glad you are here. My name is Lauren and I will be guiding this tour. Restrooms are on the right.

So, let's get down to business.

I was born on a cold winters night...

Just kidding..I won't go that far back, but I do want to take a hot second to introduce myself.


I graduated college in 2012, and began working for the state of Georgia. I worked for a couple of years and then decided that I wanted to bake pies instead (obvious transition, I know).


I quit my job, my husband, Cody, quit his job, and we opened Pie Bar in Woodstock, Georgia, in 2015. 

Many years later and Pie Bar is now made up of a dedicated team of people who may love pie even more than me (and although Cody still hangs around, he now spends more time being a Country & Western Music Singer).


We have three locations: Pie Bar Woodstock, Pie Bar Commissary, and Pie Bar Marietta. We also have a line of pie products called Pie Provisions (whew!). 

The first few years of business, you would only find me in the back of our shop, rolling pie dough, and covered in flour.


Now, I spend my time writing recipes (for Pie Bar and others), telling stories (mostly through email), talking to folks about small business, and generally just finding a way to get people to eat more pie. PS. I am somehow still covered in flour.

I live in a small town just north of Atlanta, Georgia, where I enjoy petting my dog, Hank, asking Cody to "turn the music down..GEEZ," and drinking coffee on my front porch while obsessing over my bird-feeders.

I cannot wait to get to know you. Let's grab a burrito sometime, yes?!

Talk soon!

Join my ridiculous email lifestyle.

You can expect to hear from me about once a week via the Pie Bar e-mail list and we will chat about small business, tell silly stories, and of course, share all things Pie Bar & pie.

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